Fitness Test

WOLCS Fitness Test

Greetings parents and students,

All grade levels will learn about the different exercises of the California Department of Education Fitnessgram. Grades 4-8th will actually be tested and track their results as well as set goals that will be assessed at the end of the year.The Fitnessgram is a way to reach kids and teach them about exercise. In addition, this is a way to prepare students for Middle and High School programs where I know they will be participating in Fitnessgram. All students will be familiar with the testing protocols.

Most importantly I see the value in helping students learn to set goals, and then allowing them to see improvement over a year with pre and post-tests.

Please see below the levels at which each grade will participate in the Fitnessgram as well as videos that explain each of the exercises.

My Grade Level Variations Overview:

  • K-1st – Learning basics of exercises and modified pacer
  • 2nd – Intro to Pacer/Curlup/Pushup “practice test”
  • 3rd – Pacer/Curlup/Pushup & Intro to Sit and Reach
  • 4th – 8th – Pacer/Curlup/Pushup, Intro to Height and Weight and tracking their own scores, doing personal goal setting and working to achieve their goals by the end of the year